Tarot Cards as Magic Charms

You can use tarot cards as magic charms, focusing on them to bring about a certain desired outcome in your life. Minor arcana cards are particularly useful as they have more specific meanings than the major arcana which tend to deal with more general themes. Here are some uses for the minor arcana cards. You can use them separately as charms or combine them to create more complex spells.

Ace of WandsAce of Wands: Focus on this card when you need inspiration to get started on something.

Two of WandsTwo of Wands: Focus on this card when it is time for your ideas to materialize into physical reality.

Three of WandsThree of Wands: Focus on this card when you want to present yourself or your project to the rest of the world.

Four of WandsFour of Wands: Focus on this card when you want to form an alliance or joint venture.

Five of WandsFive of Wands: Focus on this card to work effectively with others.

Six of WandsSix of Wands: Focus on this card for public speaking or leadership principles.

Seven of WandsSeven of Wands: Focus on this card to stand your ground or hold others at bay.

Eight of WandsEight of Wands: Focus on this card for quick efficient communications.

Nine of WandsNine of Wands: Focus on this card when you want to defend your position or protect your assets.

Ten of WandsTen of Wands: Focus on this card when you are dealing with burdens that are exhausting your energy.

Ace of CupsAce of Cups: Focus on this card when you are ready to begin a new relationship.

Two of CupsTwo of Cups: Focus on this card for issues with intimate relationships.

Three of CupsThree of Cups: Focus on this card for issues with friendships.

Four of CupsFour of Cups: Focus on this card when you want to take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Five of CupsFive of Cups: Focus on this card when you want to recover from loss or disappointment.

Six of CupsSix of Cups: Focus on this card when you want to reunite with someone you care about.

Seven of CupsSeven of Cups: Focus on this card when you are trying to make a touch choice and need to weight all the options first.

Eight of CupsEight of Cups: Focus on this card when you want to locate lost objects or embark on a spiritual retreat.

Nine of CupsNine of Cups: Focus on this card when you want to celebrate or entertain others.

Ten of CupsTen of Cups: Focus on this card for family matters.

Ace of SwordsAce of Swords: Focus on this card for mental clarity.

Two of SwordsTwo of Swords: Focus on this card when you need to make a difficult choice with two options.

Three of SwordsThree of Swords: Focus on this card when you want to prevent or heal heartache.

Four of SwordsFour of Swords: Focus on this card when you are trying to recover from exaustion or illness.

Five of SwordsFive of Swords: Focus on this card when you want to encourage good sportsmanship or recover from a humiliating loss.

Six of SwordsSix of Swords: Focus on this card to ensure safe travel.

Seven of SwordsSeven of Swords: Focus on this card when you want to prevent theft or deceoption.

Eight of SwordsEight of Swords: Focus on this card when you need to escape a mental or physical prison, or to liberate yourself from past mistakes.

Nine of SwordsNine of Swords: Focus on this card when you want to eliminate nightmares, insomnia, or panic attacks.

Ten of SwordsTen of Swords: Focus on this card when you want to prevent or recover from gossip or backstabbing.

Ace of PentaclesAce of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want to start a new job, make a sound investment, or improve your physical health.

Two of PentaclesTwo of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want to balance your budget or your time.

Three of PentaclesThree of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want to find guidance, training, or advice on a creative project.

Four of PentaclesFour of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want to protect your assets.

Five of PentaclesFive of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want a change in the weather or need to find shelter.

Six of PentaclesSix of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want you are in need of money or are owed payment.

Seven of PentaclesSeven of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you are lacking patience or are eagerly awaiting a reward.

Eight of PentaclesEight of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you want to make money doing what you love.

Nine of PentaclesNine of Pentacles: Focus on this card when you need solitude or want to commune with nature.

Ten of PentaclesTen of Pentacles: Focus on this card for improving your family life.

You can add court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) to represent specific people that are related to the issue at hand. For instance if you want to improve an intimate relationship you can combine the Two of Cups with two court cards. If this is a new relationship you can also include the Ace of Cups. For spells, you should lay the cards out in a pattern that makes sense (the two people should be facing each other in most instances) and speak some poetic words for what you are trying to accomplish. A spell is well worded wish, and the cards give you a focus for your energies and should also help inspire you with the phrasing.

Images from Rider-Waite Tarot © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Find Tarot Cards in Red Dead Online Video Game

One of the more popular video games has added tarot cards to it’s treasure trove of findable items. Red Dead Online is the game that takes place in the Wild West American frontier. A recent update to the game mentions that tarot cards are now included in the multiplayer adventure:

Collector’s will explore the world to find valuable treasures like discarded Tarot cards, buried treasures, and hidden family heirlooms.

More info here: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09/03/red-dead-online-will-get-a-summer-update-next-week/

Oriens Tarot has met it’s Kickstarter goal with still a month left to go

Oriens Tarot Deck

The Oriens Tarot is an animal themed deck that is available for pre-order at Kickstarter. 10% of the funds raised for the project will be denoted to rain forest preservation.

Each card in The Oriens Tarot Deck is designed with rich symbolism and innate intuitiveness in mind. Every animal is meticulously selected through thoughtful research and analysis for their metaphoric significance. The deck also references the Rider-Waite tarot deck and its influence is prevalent across the cards.

Purchase at Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ambisun/the-oriens-tarot-deck

Official Website: orienstarot.com

Professional Baseball Player Credits Tarot Cards for Helping Him Become an All-Star

Liam Hendricks

30-year-old relief pitcher Liam Hendricks of the Oakland A’s was pretty bad last season. He was bad enough that management demoted him to the minor leagues in mid-season. Desperate to get his career back on track he turned to a psychic for advice.

“Talking to my wife’s tarot card reader really helped. She’s phenomenal,” he said. “She does a great job. She’s done a couple readings for me and it really helped me open my eyes a little bit,” Hendricks said.

The psychic had this to say about her sessions with baseball player:

“Healing is a never-ending process and as long as clients understand that then I can work with them,” Rios said. “We may uncover triggers, blocks and find solutions, but in all reality there is always something we have to work on ourselves. …

“I believe that if a client has reached a point where change needs to happen, being open minded to any healing method whether it be with tarot cards or energy healing there comes a time when you have to just take that opportunity to see if any change can occur.”

Another quote from Hendricks about his experiences with divination: “Triple-A last year was humbling,” he said. “She told me the cards and I was more concerned with the meaning, whether it was face up, face down, upside down and all that. I just think it’s a better mindset. Whether I’m all gung ho believing it or not, it’s something that helped me get out of a funk.”

Full Story: https://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/article/In-the-cards-Tarot-readings-suit-A-s-closer-Liam-14407564.php

The Tarot of Pixie’s People

The Tarot of Pixie's People

Here is a new tarot deck that is currently being funded by Kickstarter. If you are a fan of the famous Rider-Waite-Smith tarot like most of us are, this is very intriguing. Focused on the faces and the main messages of the original drawings of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, each card should give you a new perspective on Pamela Colman Smith’s marvelous drawings. Basically, it looks like the images are zoomed in to focus on the character’s faces. Here are a couple of examples:

The artist and creator of this deck is Lily Stone who also created The Pixie Tarot and The Stone Marseilles Tarot. Apparently she named this new deck Pixie’s People because Pamela Coleman Smith (the Smith in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck) was nicknamed Pixie. That is news to me, I never knew that before. Anyhow, you can support her Kickstarter campaign and pre-order your deck here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lilystone/the-tarot-of-pixies-people

Computerized Tarot Readings

Some software programs can be very helpful for software readings. As always, they are only as good as the people who do the programming. But consider some things that good online tarot card readings can help with:

1. Select decks: Computers can store an unlimited number of different kinds of software decks, so questioners and readers can make their choice.

2. Provide meanings: While most human readers stick to one or two basic interpretations, computers can store the meanings of symbols and patterns from many different sources.

3. Spot patterns: It is possible that software can find patterns in a range of symbols much faster than a human can.

Of course, what computers cannot really do is provide intuitive interpretations. When questioners use this software on their own, they will have to provide the interpretations. It is just that they will have more prompts and help provided by the software. In some cases, it is up to the reader to pick and choose how she will interpret her reading. In other cases, the software is simply a tool used by experienced readers.

There is nothing inherently bad about using tarot software. While computers cannot totally replace the talents of good tarot card readers, they can help readers provide more variety in interpretations, the style of tarot decks, and other options. They are also good for people who just want a quick self-reading without having to go out and select a deck, figure out how to store it, and then learn the basic meanings of all of the cards. They can become an introduction to tarot for people who are interested in beginning the study of this method of divination.

It is really easy to experiment with different spreads and decks when the change just requires the click of a button. However, most people who start experimenting with tarot software end up ordering their own decks and reference books. In this way, tarot software is very helpful because it helps generate interest in tarot, and that helps keep this art alive in the physical world too!

Some of these new web-based tarot services offer the option of a hybrid service. While it is possible to ask questions of the tarot, often for free, only using the assistance of the machine, there is also another option. For a small fee, the questioner can send her question to a human over the Internet. Experienced readers will use the question and any background that the questioner supplies, information from the computer, and his or her own talent to provide a more detailed reading. These hybrid readings give questioners a lot of advantages. It is possible for them to ask their readings at any time without having to travel to find an experienced reader. Because readers are able to serve their subjects from all over the world, they don’t have to charge high fees to pay the overhead on an office.

If tarot software helps make readings more accessible to all kinds of people, they are a positive development. Anyway, there is no consensus about online tarot readers among tarot practitioners. Some will say they are awful and misleading, and there is no way that a computer can ever replace the talent of a talented reader. Others will say they are very useful tools that have helped readers use their talents to help a lot more people. Like so many things about the occult arts, the right answer is always open to interpretation.

The Autonomic Tarot

30 card deck with instruction booklet

Brighton, UK-based illustrator Sophy Hollington creates stunning relief prints using the process of lino-cutting. Inspired by folklore and alchemical symbolism, her work is a blend of modern and vintage aesthetics.

Collaborating with writer David Keenan, she designed a 30 card tarot deck. Her illustrations accompanied Keenan’s experimental novella, To Run Wild In It, which was loosely structured around the cards of a tarot deck, with each chapter being named after one. Hollington used these chapters as a genesis for the artwork of their namesake card, with the result being the Autonomic Tarot.

For more information you can visit http://roughtradebooks.com/editions/autonomic-tarot/