Professional Baseball Player Credits Tarot Cards for Helping Him Become an All-Star

30-year-old relief pitcher Liam Hendricks of the Oakland A’s was pretty bad last season. He was bad enough that management demoted him to the minor leagues in mid-season. Desperate to get his career back on track he turned to a psychic for advice.

“Talking to my wife’s tarot card reader really helped. She’s phenomenal,” he said. “She does a great job. She’s done a couple readings for me and it really helped me open my eyes a little bit,” Hendricks said.

The psychic had this to say about her sessions with baseball player:

“Healing is a never-ending process and as long as clients understand that then I can work with them,” Rios said. “We may uncover triggers, blocks and find solutions, but in all reality there is always something we have to work on ourselves. …

“I believe that if a client has reached a point where change needs to happen, being open minded to any healing method whether it be with tarot cards or energy healing there comes a time when you have to just take that opportunity to see if any change can occur.”

Another quote from Hendricks about his experiences with divination: “Triple-A last year was humbling,” he said. “She told me the cards and I was more concerned with the meaning, whether it was face up, face down, upside down and all that. I just think it’s a better mindset. Whether I’m all gung ho believing it or not, it’s something that helped me get out of a funk.”

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